About Brooke Curnow - Mojo Blu | Photography
Felicia Day laughing during a panel at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX.

Have you ever had an amazing moment and wished someone had been there to capture it? So have I!

That’s why I picked up my camera again and started documenting life. I found that I had too many posed photos, and not enough photos of the story that was happening. I want to remember my daughter’s first day of school by what she was experiencing- the cookies she made, the reading work she was doing, and the art project she completed;  not just by the photo I have of her standing on the front porch. I want it all, just like you!

From parties and dance performances, to vacations and sports, it’s become my mission to capture life, real life, in all its messy, smudged, and happy glory. I’d love to be a part of yours.

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