I’ve been there.

You look into the mirror and suddenly realize you don’t recognize yourself any longer. Where did that person who had so many dreams and aspirations go? Between the kids and job and bills and relationships and all the responsibilities that go with them, you’ve lost your mojo; your muchness.

It happens to the best of us. We get distracted from who we really are and meant to be.

Look, we’re in this thing together. Let me help you get your muchness back. To remind you of the you deep inside that wants to come beautifully tumbling out.

You know you’re Strong. Fierce. Full of Fire.

Let’s make some photographs together to prove it. So when those tough days come back around, as they always do, you can hold a photo of yourself in your hands and bask in all your wondrous glory. A reminder of just how amazing you are.

much love,


P.S. It doesn’t hurt to throw a few up on Insta.

You know, to remind everyone else that you’re back and this time you’re not messin’ around.

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